Inter Inns Run – 2014 Report & Results

TRC & Tidza Wakes

TRC and Tideswell Wakes organised a very successful Tideswell Inter Inns 5k race, with over 50 participants! The race set off from Just below the Market Square, above the star Inn. There was a good turnout of supporters at the start line, and the pace was quick from the start.

We were pleasantly surprised at how many people lined the village streets to cheer the runners as they got the race underway. Derbyshire’s road races are made special by the support that the crowd provides, helping to spur the runners on.

The weather was extremely hot, for an evening, with many runners reporting that they struggled on the outward leg of the route, as they were running into the sun.

Tideswell Running Club Well Represented

TRC showed up in force with 16 members taking part.

Tideswell Inter Tnns 5k Results – 2014

Inter Inns 2014 Results

PositionRace NumberNameCategoryRunning ClubTime
178Angus MalcolmMV40 (L)Unaffiliated18.25
239Ben LightMBuxton AC18.29
382Louis Forshaw-PerringMJBuxton AC18.47
442Richard HuntMV40 (L)Dark Peak19.08
562Bryan MckennaMBuxton AC19.13
684Elliot MeylanMJChesterfield19.20
740Paul LightMV50Staffs/ Moorlands19.29
881Simon HunterMV40Unaffiliated20.08
983Stephen ClayeMV50 (L)Buxton AC20.34
1048Sophie QuinceF (L)Chesterfield20.47
1147Mark QuinceMV40 (L)Buxton AC20.50
1263Mark BuskwoodMV50Totley AC20.55
1343Helen ThornhillFJBuxton AC21.15
1487Martin JohnsonMV50Unaffiliated21.40
1561George WillinghamMV40Tideswell RC21.43
1664Harrison WatsonMJ (u10) (L)Unaffiliated22.15
1775Andrew WatkinsMV50 (L)Tideswell RC22.21
1873Chris ThompsonMV40 (L)Unaffiliated22.31
1972Fiona ThompsonFV40 (L)Unaffiliated22.51
2077Rhys MalcolmMJ (u10) (L)Unaffiliated23.00
2171Sean ThompsonMJ (u10) (L)Hope Valley Hurricanes23.04
2256Anthony DentMV50Unaffiliated23.17
2380Pete HawkinsMV50 (L)Tideswell RC24.06
2459Richard GoffMBuxton AC24.10
2574Philippa HunstoneFV40 (L)Tideswell RC24.24
2665Sam WatsonMJ (L)Unaffiliated24.32
2741Paul ThornMV50 (L)Tideswell RC24.46
2853Laura WhitakerFUnaffiliated24.50
2970Andrew SchofieldMUnaffiliated24.54
30=85Helen GraingerF (L)Unaffiliated25.33
30=60Paul WeirMV40 (L)Tideswell RC25.33
3245Louis WhiteMJ (u10) (L)Unaffiliated26.20
3351Amanda PorterFUnaffiliated27.07
3450Heather Fryer-WinderFV40Buxton AC27.14
3546Rachel WhiteF (L)Unaffiliated27.55
3654Joanne GreenF (L)Unaffiliated28.13
3776Olivia CopelandF (L)Tideswell RC28.59
3837Sue HarwoodFV40Unaffiliated29.01
3957Andrew TurnerM (L)Tideswell RC29.40
4055Phil GregoryMV40 (L)Tideswell RC30.16
4144Adriana ButtleF (L)Tideswell RC30.30
4258Dionne DaviesF (L)Unaffiliated31.39
4366Colette HoldenFV40Tideswell RC32.02
4449Abbie Fryer-WinderFJ (u10)Buxton AC32.37
4569Tracy KirkhamFUnaffiliated33.06
4638Rodger AllenMV50Tideswell RC33.07
4779Joe WainM (L)Unaffiliated34.37
4852Rebecca StopfordFV40Tideswell RC35.01
4986Emily WillinghamFJTideswell RC35.14
5068Liz SellersFV40Unaffiliated37.49
5167Jude WildgooseFV40Tideswell RC38.00