The AGM of Tideswell Running Club was held on Wednesday 30th November at 7pm at The Anchor.  Below are the minutes of the meeting as kindly compiled by Tony.

Minutes from Tideswell Running Club’s AGM, 2016


Committee: Ben Brindley, Kathryn Brindley, Phil Gregory, Andy Watkins, Tony Dent

General members: Pete Hawkins, Sue Hawkins, Naomi Coverley, Roger Topham, Nadeen Plumtree, Will Brindley, Paul Thorn, Jill Copeland ,Heather Marsden, Ruth Gowers, Colette Holden, James Pace, Leonie Redfern, Leon Zablocki.

Opening of the meeting

Ben as chairman opened the meeting and welcomed all attendees.

Virgin London Marathon

TRC receives one place in the 2017 VLM. As the club has two qualifying entries, Ben Brindley and Andy Watkins, a ballot was held to determine who would get the club place.  Congratulations to Ben, whose name was chosen as the TRC runner in the 2017 VLM.

Chairman’s report

Ben opened his report by thanking the committee for all their hard work over the last year and all the support given by the club members. He especially thanks the committee members stepping down from the committee at this meeting, Kathryn Brindley and Phil Gregory. He noted that while the club was still flourishing, there had been a drop off in in the number of the “more steady” runners participating during the course of the year.  He is keen to reverse that trend and indicated he was planning to make firm proposals later during the meeting.

Treasurer’s report

Balance at 3oth September 2015                   £ 2092.69

Balance at 30th September 2016                    £ 1704.79

Credits into the account in the year               £2004.03

Debits from the account                                 £2513.21

Loss for the year                                             £113.18

Club Fees

The main outlay of club fees is in retaining EAA affiliation.  For 2017, the cost for the club is £100.00 and £14.00 for each club member. With current membership fees for each club member of £20, there is little remaining to cover other ongoing expenses. Therefore it was proposed by Ben to increase TRC fees by 10% to £22.00. After a discussion a counter proposal was agreed by the meeting to increase club fees to £25.00 for 2017.

Election of committee

Following the election of committee members for 2017, the committee is:

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Run Planning and Initiatives.

Two initiatives were proposed by Ben

  1. A return to running initiative design to capture previous members and other runners who have drifted away from running over the last year. The proposals to is mount a promotional campaign to encourage runners to join our runs in January and February. Previous runners may feel wary about recommencing running with regular club runners for fear of being left behind. The “Back on Track” running sessions will be targeted at a level to match the ability of these returning runners. Normal club fees will be waved until the end of February as an added incentive.
  2. A new C25K program to encourage people to take up running. It is proposed to commence the program at the end of March on order to avoid the worst of the winter weather, the necessary of running in the dark and merge the actual 5K run in with the Tideswell Inter Inns race in June. The fee would be £25.00 including enter to the Inter Inns.

Both proposals were fully supported by the meeting. Ben offered to lead the coaching for both initiatives but asked that regular members support him in these ventures to which the meeting agreed. Various proposals were put forward to promote both these initiatives and it was agreed that we need a promotional coordinator to lead these advertising activities. Nadeen and Kathryn kindly offered to take on this role – thanks.

Club Coach.

Ideally we should have a qualified club coach for training purposes, which is difficult for such a small club such as ours. A suggestion was made that maybe we can hire a suitably qualified coach for some training sessions. The meeting agreed this was a good suggestion and worth pursuing. Ben agreed to explore options.

Star Cup

This is an award decided by club members to the individual who in the year has made the biggest contribution to the club. This year’s winner is Ben Brindley. Very well done and well deserved.

Derbyshire dales, unsung hero to sport award

Earlier this year, Pete Hawkins entered Ben Brindley for the Derbyshire Dales Unsung hero award, which Ben duly won. The award citation read.

Tideswell Running Club chairman Ben Brindley took the Unsung Hero – Service to Sport Award. In addition to his work with the friendly all-inclusive club of road, trail and fell runners, Ben ran seven marathons in seven days in July this year to raise more than £1,500 for Buxton Mountain Rescue Team.”

As Ben was away on holiday, Pete Hawkins collected the award on behalf of Ben and presented it to Ben as this time in the AGM. Brilliant Ben, well done!


The meeting decided that this year’s Christmas party should be a post-Christmas bash and take the form of a Christmas themed fancy dress run, walk or stagger around the Inter Inns course. The date was confirmed as Friday 3rd February.

Tideswell carnival

It was agreed that the club should join the carnival parade next June. A project team to be put together closer to the date.