Annual General Meeting – 10 October 2012

1. Apologies

The following members sent their apologies: D Brindley, C Smart, V Fell, B Edmonds, G Willingham, C Deith.

2. Chairman’s Report
P Weir presented his report of the club’s first year, highlighting its many successes and thanking members and the first Committee for their support.

3. Club Secretary’s Report

H Grainger echoed many aspects of the Chairman’s report in her review of the year, noting the remarkable progress that the club and all its members had made and thanking everyone for their support and enthusiasm.

4. Treasurer’s Report

B Brindley circulated details of the club’s first financial year. The club had managed to remain in credit, and owing to the discount to the club kit order that Ben had negotiated, members who had ordered and paid for kit would have £4 deducted from the cost of membership renewal for each club vest they had purchased. The accounts statement was accepted by all as true and accurate.

5. Election of New Committee

(a) Chairperson
P Weir was re-elected as Chairman for 2012-13. L Turner proposed Paul’s candidacy, and this was seconded by N Hobson. The position was uncontested.

(b) Club Secretary
J White was elected as Club Secretary 2012-13, in place of H Grainger. P Weir proposed John’s candidacy, and this was seconded by N Hobson. The position was uncontested.

(c) Treasurer & Membership, Kit & Route Secretary
B Brindley was re-elected as Treasurer & Membership, Kit & Route Secretary. Ben’s candidacy was proposed by P Weir and seconded by H Grainger. The position was uncontested.

6. Club Fees
B Brindley reported that, from the Treasurer’s perspective, there was nothing to warrant an increase in club membership fees. It was agreed by all that membership subscription should remain at £15, with a reduced membership fee of £10 for members who join after 30 April.

7. Route Planning and Run Leadership
It was agreed that an impressive variety of routes had been developed, and in general everyone has happy with the way in which routes were being planned. B Brindley encouraged members to request routes/propose new route ideas, and suggested that in the lead-up to the following year’s fell season the club could practice some of the local fell routes, to provide further variety and familiarise members with race routes in advance. This idea was received with enthusiasm, and it was agreed that this would make members feel more confident about entering.

Members had enjoyed the trial Interval Session that had been organised on the Monsal Trail, and were keen to have monthly opportunities to do speed work (with an alternative out-and-back run also available). It was suggested that, especially during the winter months, hill reps on Church Lane would be a good replacement session for the Monsal Trail reps, and that Route 2 (out-and-back to Cressbrook) would combine well with this, since all runners could warm up to Church Lane together.

It was agreed that separate groups (at least two, but ideally three) were needed to allow members to run with people of a similar ability – but this would require more members to help with run leadership. The following members were proposed as potential run leaders:

Beginners’ group – M Deith, K O’Meara, P Weir
Intermediate group – C Deith, P Weir
Faster group – H Grainger, B Brindley, M Seymour, W Grainger, J White

The importance of turn-backs was also re-iterated. Faster runners in a group should turn back at set landmarks (as advised by the run leader) and road junctions and return to the back of the group, before running forward to the front of the group again. Other runners should follow the faster runners as they pass by in the opposite direction. This allows everyone to regroup whilst also keeping everyone moving. When running in the dark, runners should be careful not to dazzle other runners when turning back and point head torches down as they turn.

8. Club Development

(a) Coaching qualifications
It was agreed that it would be useful to research potential grants that could be applied for, to enable members to go on run leadership courses/develop skills in coaching. It was noted that not all England Athletics coaching courses were worth investing club funds in. However, it was agreed that it would be useful if members’ skills could be developed so that more knowledge could be brought into the club, and other members could learn more about running. Not everyone, for instance, knew how to stretch properly, but if certain members were knowledgeable enough to take a lead and teach members how to stretch after a run, this would help to professionalise the club and support all its members in general.

(b) Club representation at local races
The Eyam Half Marathon and the Buxworth 5 were proposed as local events in which the club could enter a group of members – or possibly even a mixed team. In general it was agreed that it would be good to encourage members to represent the club at local events, and members were keen on the idea of picking a couple of races to train and enter for together. The Committee would do some more research and then email out a suggestion of a first event to target.

9. Virgin London Marathon Club Place
Although the club was, in theory, eligible for a club place at the 2013 London Marathon, this had not yet been confirmed. It would shortly be possible to submit a formal application for a place. If the club succeeded in gaining a place, this would be given to J White, who was the only club member who had expressed an interest in the place.

10. Star Cup
To inform voting, H Grainger circulated a summary of the nominations that had been submitted for the Star Cup via the website. A vote was held, and the first Star Cup was awarded to H Grainger, both for her running achievements (including her qualification for the championship start at the 2013 London Marathon) and her contribution to the club as its first Club Secretary.

11. Any Other Business

(a) Club Race
M Seymour and B Brindley proposed that the club organise a race to coincide with, and help raise funds for, Tideswell Wakes Week in 2013. This was received with great enthusiasm. It was suggested that the race be no shorter than 5 km and no longer than 7 m. A sub-committee was elected to organise the event, comprising the 2012-13 Committee, M Seymour and L Turner.

(b) Club Outing
J White proposed that a club day out be organised, involving both a run and a pub meal after the session. This was also received with enthusiasm. J White would do some more research and then circulate a suggested plan.