Annual General Meeting – 27th November 2013

1. Apologies

The following members sent their apologies: Paul Weir, John White, Lynda Howard and George Willingham

2. Chairman’s Report

As Paul Weir was unable to attend, Ben Brindley read out a speech which was given to him by Paul Weir. In the speech, Paul Weir thanked everyone in the club for their great support and congratulated everyone’s achievements. He then went on to say that, with regret, he would be stepping down as Chairman, however he is very proud to have been TRC’s first chairman.

3. Club Secretary’s Report

As John White was unable to attend, Ben Brindley took control and produced a report. Within this he congratulated everyone’s progress and went around each member specifying certain achievements each person had made within the last year. He mentioned how much of a great success the Inter Inns run was for the club. Overall he echoed Paul’s sentiment of thank all members for their support and commitment for the club.

4. Treasurer’s Report

Ben Brindley circulated details of the Club’s financial year for 2012-13. The club had managed to remain in credit thanks to the success of the Inter Inns race. The accounts were accepted by all as true and accurate.

5. Election of New Committee

(a) Chairman

Ben Brindley was elected as the new Chairman for 2013-14, in place of Paul Weir. Ben’s candidacy was proposed by Sue Jeff and seconded by Helen Grainger, the position was unopposed.

(b) Club Secretary

Dan Allen was elected as the new Club Secretary for 2013-14, in place of John White. Dan’s candidacy was proposed by Lesley Turner and seconded by Ben Brindley, the position was unopposed.

(c) Treasurer

Kathryn Brindley was elected as the new Treasurer for 2013-14, in place of Ben Brindley. Kathryn’s candidacy was proposed by Dan Allen and seconded by Mel Seymour, the position was unopposed.

(d) Route Secretary

Andy Watkins was elected as the new Route Secretary for 2013-14, in place of Ben Brindley. Andy’s candidacy was proposed by Ben Brindley and seconded by Dan Allen, the position was unopposed.

(e) Kit Secretary

Ben and Kathryn Brindley were elected to share the responsibilities of Kit Secretary for 2013-14, in place of Ben Brindley on his own. Their candidacy was proposed by Sue Jeff and seconded by Mel Seymour, the position was unopposed.

6. Club Fees

Ben Brindley proposed that the club fees should remain at £15 and a reduced fee of £10 for members who join after 30th April. This is due to the fact that there would be no increase in affiliation fees. The notion was agreed by all.

7. Run Planning and Run Leadership

Ben Brindley encouraged members to propose new routes and sessions, throughout the year, which the club could run. This could involve running in different areas near Tideswell, or having “away days” and run routes away from the village.

All members were enthusiastic about running a route around Ladybower, before Christmas. Some planning would be required for this.

8. Club Development

(a) Coaching Qualifications

Research potential grants which would be available for the club, to enable members to go on run leadership courses to help develop skills in coaching.

Dan Allen has already been on a LiRF course (self-funded) and is just awaiting CRB clearance, Ben Brindley shall be attending the same course in January (again self-funded).

(b) Club Representation at Local Races

Sue Jeff suggested the possibility of having a club fell race championships, comprising of 6 races with a minimum of 4 races entered to score. Members were interested; therefore more planning for a 2014 TRC Fell Race Club Championships will be needed.

9. Virgin London Marathon Club Place

Research into how to apply for a place is needed to enable TRC to gain a place for 2015. Ben was unsure whether we are too late for 2014 entry, so he is going to look into it.

10. Star Cup

Dan Allen read out the nominations for the Star Cup, which had been submitted via the website. The nominations were: Ben Brindley, Dan Allen, Sue Jeff, Kathryn Brindley and Andy Watkins.

The Star Cup 2013 was awarded to Ben Brindley for his commitment to the club, the amount of work he has done over the last year in order to keep the club afloat, his enthusiasm and encouragement each week at the club run and for his great running achievements throughout the year, most notably his 50 mile ultra (Ladybower 50).

11. Any Other Business

Club Races

Litton Mill Fell Race – Sue Jeff has proposed the potential of having a fell race at Litton Mill. She has a nice route in mind and has spoken with fellow villagers, who agreed to the potential of a race. Planning needs to be done complete with multiple recces and risk assessment, must check FRA ruling and insurance. Permission needs to be obtained by all land owners, Wildlife Trust and National Trust.

Inter Inns – After the great success of the Inter Inns run this year, Ben Brindley put forward the option of increasing the participants by advertising the race to more people; working with the Wakes Committee to appeal to people in Tideswell and potentially help us fund the race, speak with local running clubs (Buxton, Goyt Valley, Sheffield based), also potentially work with Accelerate to increase the number of runners.

Tideswell Fell Race – Pete Hawkins mentioned there is a possibility of taking over the organising and running of Tideswell Fell Race. This needs to be researched more to see whether this would be a viable option.