Annual General Meeting 2015

The AGM of Tideswell Running Club was held on Wednesday 28th October at 7pm at The Anchor.  Below are the minutes of the meeting as kindly compiled by Sue and copies of both the chairman and treasurer reports.

Meeting Notes 28th November
Attended: –                                                         Apologies:–
Liam Ashton             Ben Brindley                       Dan Allen           Fiona Newman
Kathryn Brindley       Will Brindley                        Alison Birch        Lynne Riley
Jill Copeland             Glen Cropper                      Clare Blanchon    Stuart Rook
Tony Dent                 Charlotte Eade                   Rachel Brelsford   Mel Seymour
Victoria Fell              Ruth Gowers                       Julie Brooks        Libs Slattery
Phil Gregory             Pete Hawkins                      Angela Foulkes   Paul Thorn
Sue Hawkins            Colette Holden                     Eleanor Foulkes  John Naylor
Nigel Jeff                  Sue Jeff                               Helen Grainger    Lesley Turner
Julie Nuttall              Nadeen Plumtree                 Lynda Howard     Jude Wildgoose
Andrew Turner         Andrew Watkins                   Frania Jeff          Olivia Willingham
George Willingham    Peter Wallis                       Heather Marsden   Leon Zablocki
Bev Shaw                                                            Katie Wordsworth

Meeting Opened by the Chairman, Ben Brindley..

TRC Virgin London Marathon Club place
2 members present to enter the ballot for the TRC Virgin London Marathon Club place.  Tony Dent & Liam Ashton.  Names placed in the draw to be drawn at end of AGM.

Ben Brindley Chairman’s Report – Please See attached.
Members thanked Ben for his hard work and commitment to the Club during the year.

Sue Jeff – Secretaries Report.  –  Sue is stepping down as Secretary at the end of on term in office.  Sue thanked members and fellow Committee members for their support and encouragement throughout her term of office.  The Club has grown into a Club that is open and encouraging to all abilities and she is very proud of that.  She hopes the next Secretary will be given the same support and encouragement as she had so that our great Club can carry on enjoying being a super friendly Club.
Members thanked Sue for all her hard work and commitment to the Club.

Kathryn Brindley – Treasures Report – See attached.
One question was – How profitable was the Litton Christmas Cracker.  Kathryn answered that it had been very profitable and bought in a lot of income to the Club.  This is highlighted on the attached Report.
Members were amazed at how our finance have grown under the current committee.  They thanked Kathryn for all her hard work and commitment to the Club.

Election of new Committee for 2015-2016
Chairman – Ben Bridley
Secretary – Tony Dent
Treasurer – Kathryn Brindley
Membership Secretary – Nadeen Plumtree
Kit Secretary – Tony Dent
Webmaster – Phil Gregory
Committee Matters – Andy Watkins
Running Events Co-ordinators – Nigel & Sue Jeff

Run Planning, Run Leadership and Running Etiquette
Ben Brindley talked about the need for our Members to become more involved in leading runs and training sessions to keep our Club moving forward and developing.  To this end he asked if any of our female members would be willing to complete a course in “Running Leadership”.
We have 3 male run leaders at present but no females.  3 of our Female members expressed an interest .  Collette Holden, Ruth Gowers & Victoria Fell.
-The members voted to allow all of them to complete this qualification.  Andy Watkins to source dates and information for them.
Since this meeting Nadeen Plumtree has also expressed an interest in this with the express intention of leading our Group 4.  The Committee has voted yes to this.

Running etiquette – Most of the time it is good, but occasionally it does fall down with the fallout being some very unhappy back of the pack runners.  Please ensure you are running in the right group for your pace.  If you drop down a group due to injury then you must run in the middle of the group pace, not off the front.  Run leads should ensure turn backs points are told at the beginning of the session so all know where they are.  No one should stand and wait at a turn back point for everyone to catch up.  Please run a long way past the last runners so that it remains a social run.  Kathryn is to forward a group distance to time calculation to Tony Dent Club Secretary.

How can we get Club representation to local races?

  • – Recce the race at the social runs before hand so it involves all groups.  Place mid-week runs on the Club Champs so that the Wednesday Club run could be day away.
  • Go pro the recce so that those that are unable to make it can see what the race is like.
  • A PB on a race that is on the Club Champs for next year will mean that the member will get at least 50pts on that race regardless of time.  If their points is more than 50 then they will receive the usual calculated points.  This will encourage our group 3 & 4 runners if they wish to enter the races.
  • Members to be encouraged to come along to the Cross County Races.  Nigel Jeff will be in touch.  We have enough members in TRC to put at least one Vet women’s and vet men’s team out.  We have a Vet women’s team but as yet not a vet men’s.  Please reply to the e-mail that Nigel sends out.  If you have already expressed no interest in the Cross Country you will have been taken off the list so you will not receive unwanted e-mails.  The next XC is on Sat 14th Nov and Sat 12th Dec.

Tony to send out an e-mail to ask if anyone requires a hoodie.  We need at least 10 for an order.  Ben asked if a bicycle top could also be sourced. All kit ok except ladies medium.

Litton Christmas Cracker 
Nigel and Sue Jeff will be in touch soon to sort out marshals.   Previous prize winners to be offered free entry into the LCC (members voted yes to this suggestion).  Kathryn is working on posters/leaflets.  Pre entry going live on 1st November.  Kathryn thanked for sorting that.  Toilets – Jill to ask if Litton Post office will allow us to use their toilet as an extra for the ladies.  Red Lion to be asked too for men and women.  Stoney Middleton have toilets at race day so Liam is going to enquire cost to hire.

Christmas Party
Ideas.   Liam would like children to be able to come.   The Anchor may be too small to accommodate children, so other venues to be approached. Liam to approach The George.  Sue Hawkins to approach Tideswell Institute where she and Pete had their wedding reception.

Any other business
Club Tent / Flags
The members voted to promote the Club by investing in an Athletics Tent to be used at XC, Club events and social days/weekends away.  Ben to source and let us know cost.  Ben to deal with.

Phil Gregory asked members to please get involved with the website by writing articles of their running journey/ races/ training.  It takes all members to keep the website current and exciting to read to anyone looking at our Club and attracting new members.

Andy Watkins to e-mail 1st aid training details to anyone that wishes to go.   The Club will pay any costs.

Social runs
Liam would like to go out on Friday evenings if anyone is interested.

Vintage Fell Race
Pete Hawkins has been approached by the organisers of the Vintage bike ride that takes place annually to see if TRC would organise a fell race on the same day and from the same venue.  Very exciting.  Pete of look into it and see if it would work.

Monday sessions
Will suggested that Monday nights could maybe be a social run instead of interval training.  After a discussion with members it was decided to leave it as is rather than thin down the Wednesday social run.   Stuart Rook is now free to lead Monday night interval sessions.

George asked what could be done to encourage new members as many of the C25k attendees this year did not become members.  There will be no c25k programme during 2016 but it is hoped it will return in 2017 maybe after the London Marathon when all are inspired to take up running.  Kathryn to compile posters for TRC to attract new members.  Pete to print them.  All to look into advertising.

Virgin London Marathon Club place draw
Ben Brindley drew from the box –
The place was awarded to Tony Dent.  Well done Tony.

Star Cup
The votes were counted up for the winner of this year’s Star Cup.   The winner is voted for by the Club members as the member who it is thought has shown commitment to the Club whether in front of behind the scenes.
The winner was announced by Kathryn.  Well done to Sue Jeff.  Sue thanked everyone and in her words “I’m really chuffed”.

Chairman – Ben Brindley closed the meeting.

Thank you to all that attended and thank you to all members of TRC for your contribution to our Club throughout the last year.  Membership fees are due 1st Jan.

2016 AGM – 8TH NOVEMBER 2016.

Chairmans Report

– “Good evening and welcome to the Tideswell Running Club 2015 Annual General Meeting.
I would like to first of all say thank you to each of you for coming and a huge thank you to all of TRC’s members for getting involved and making the club what it is today.

In October 2014 a new club committee was been elected. Over the last year, they have worked relentlessly to ensure the smooth running of the club with the help of you, the members.
-In December, TRC held its first ever fell race, the Litton Christmas Cracker. This was more successful than we could have ever imagined. With the support of Ashford Lane Garage and other local businesses, the cost of getting the race off the ground was covered and all we had to do was entice the runners and give them the best race experience we could. And as you all well know, it was a huge hit. Sue as Race Director with her trusty sidekick, Nigel, worked tirelessly to make it run without a hitch.

In January we had the second course of the C25k program. We were over-subscribed, but issues with the prolonged snow meant that keeping runners motivated was very difficult.

The finale of the C25K was held at Congleton Parkrun where we had a great turnout. We’ve gained a few members as a result of this year’s C25K with one even taking on London Marathon next year (you know who you are Will!!) and one of them is now back running after falling off Hugo the horse!

– Our webmaster, Phil Gregory has been doing a great job at keeping the website fresh and up to date. We do need more content from our members in the form of blog posts, kit reviews and running routes. So don’t be shy and drop Phil an email.

– Despite the weather, the Inter Inns race in June was fun for all. We are now a part of the Tidza Wakes festivities calendar and the Inter Inns is a wonderful race in its own right. With Mr Tidzy and the wakes Royalty on hand, this was a true community event with runners of all ages.

– There has been a great turnout at the club championships races, especially Calver. It would be great to have more supporters and more racers to put TRC firmly on the map. There has also been a new supporter in the TRC ranks. He might not yet be the loudest, but there is plenty of time yet!! (referring to his new born son).

– The introduction of the weekend social runs this year have been met with great attendance come rain or shine. From the recce of up and coming fell races to a chinwag on the way to Mam Tor, these runs have become a great addition to the TRC calendar.

– One negative point, the lack of turnout for the Cross Country races has been a bit concerning. We need more members to get involved and fly the flag for TRC. Well done to those who have taken part in the cross country races this year.

– Thank you all for your contributions and support throughout the past year. Let’s hope that 2016 is even better!

Treasurer’s Report 2015
Balance at 1st October 2014    –          £964

Balance at 30th September 2015        £2092.69

Credits into the account                    £4291.78

Debits from the account                    £3147.09

Profit for the year                               £1144.69