Route 12 (Road and Track)

A varied route that takes in quiet country lanes, the Monsal Trail and Tideswell Dale over its 10.7 km length.

Starting from Fountain Square in Tideswell, the route heads down the main road before taking The Lodge and then the Litton Dale Road into Litton. Take the sharp right turn up Bottomhill Road and then onto Hall Lane and follow it to past the Litton cemetery and down to Cressbrook. Take the upper (left hand) route through Cressbrook via the hairpin and down the steep hill to Cressbrook Mill. Take the concession path to the right of the mill and cross over the main river by the weir, up the limestone steps and out on the concessionary route to the Monsal Trail.

Turn right and run through the tunnel, out into fresh air briefly before diving into the next tunnel. Once above Litton Mill, take the path down to Litton Mill village, (just before the Railway footbridge). Take the road to the bottom of Tideswell Dale which you follow to the car park, then onto the main road as it heads back into Tideswell and to Fountain Square.

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