Route 6 (Road)

Starting form The Star we head up Manchester Road. We turn back right on ourselves up Condliff Road and follow it, via Alma Road, to the main road. Turn left up Whitecross Road and then right near the end, towards Litton. Once at the Red Lion turn back up the hill and follow Church Lane all the way back to Tideswell. At Commercial Road turn left, and follow the main road all the way to the main junction with Litton. Turn left up The Lodge back towards Tideswell, and at the end cross over to Richard Lane. Take the second right and then right again, to follow Sherwood Road all the way down. Finally, it’s a right turn and back to The Star. A 5 mile run with a built-in hill session!

N.B. See below for an extension to the route.


Extended Version

For a longer run, Route 6 may be extended by adding the loop below. Upon reaching Richard Lane, join Sherwood Road and loop round to meet Meadow Lane. Then rejoin Sherwood Road and head back towards The Star (as described above).

Route 6 Ex