From The Star we will head towards Market Square and then turn right up Terrace Road. We will follow Terrace Road all the way to the top and then take the right turn at the playground towards the A623. Take the first left along the track and continue to follow this all the way to Manchester Road. We will then cross the staggered junction onto Water Lane (gravel track), which we will follow to the end and bear left into Wheston. Once in Wheston we will turn left and then take the first right onto the next gravel track. We will head along Monksdale Lane until we reach Summer Cross, and then turn left, heading towards Tideswell. Just before the T-junction it’s right onto Slanket Lane. We then follow the road round to the end until we reach the junction with Sherwood Road. Here we turn left and then take the first right onto the grass track which will lead us to Richard Lane. Carry on down the hill to the bottom and turn left onto the main road to finish back at The Star.

Distance: 5.7 miles

Route 8 (Multi-Terrain)