TRC at the Heanor 10k Pud Run 2014

With the end of 2014 looming and the start of the 2015 Club Championship about to start next month, Tideswell Running club produced a good team for the “Matthew Walker 10k Pudding Run” which was organised by Heanor Running Club.

The race was much anticipated by our club as we had heard from Ben that the course was a good one. We later learned that due to bad weather last year Heanor RC had been forced to change the route, so were really running blind, apart from the map featured on the HRC website we didn’t have much to go on.

Heanor Pud Run Route

Pudding Run Map
Heanor Pudding Run Map

Eight runners from Tideswell Running Club took part in the race, Ben Brindley and Pete Hawkins were our Group One speedsters and the rest of us were from Group Two. Victoria Fell, Colette Holden, Julie Nuttall, Kathryn Brindley, Andrew Turner and myself. We had Nadeen Plumtree & Sue Hawkins in support, taking photos, cheering us on and keeping our kit safe. Luckily, we managed to meet at the registration point so we were all in good spirits before the off.

Well Organised Race Event

Tideswell Running Club would like to offer our thanks and congratulations to Heanor RC for a very professional, fun, well organised and welcoming atmosphere with friendly and encouraging stewards on hand to help and guide runners.

Heanor Pud Run 2014
The race sold out it’s 1000 entries and 884 runners finished. Despite the removal of the “big hill”, there were still a good mix of terrain with plenty of uphill stretches, downhill, overtaking opportunities and long road/path stretches, so really something to suit all runners except perhaps the hardened ‘Fell’ types.

I personally found it a challenging course, perhaps because I didn’t know the course so it was pretty hard to set a common pace, hopefully I’ll master that with more experience  Our club chairman Ben Brindley was pushing himself so hard he was sick halfway round.  Tideswell RC all did really well even earning a few PB’s. As a club, this was  another good showing, considering most of us have been running less than a year. Well done everyone!

Tideswell Running Club @ Heanor
Tideswell RC with their Christmas Puds for Completing the 10k.

TRC times from the Pud Race

Tideswell Runners Times 2014
Ben Brindley0:40:56
Pete Hawkins0:48:55
Victoria Fell0:59:23 *
Phil Gregory0:59:34 * 
Colette Holden1:00:53 * 
Julie Nuthall1:04:26 *  (1st 10k race)
Andrew Turner1:05:29 *  (1st 10k race)
Kathryn Brindley1:08:16 *  (1st 10k race)

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