TRC Chairmans Report – May 2014

Over the last few months it has been a very busy time at TRC with lots going on. We have had the amazingly successful C25K with the finale at “No Walk In The Park”, in Chesterfield. Club members have been taking part in various races ranging from Chatsworth 3k to Brighton Marathon and beyond!

We have also gained many new members and that is what this Chairmans Report is about. With the influx of new members there has been an increased air of camaraderie and inclusion which for me has been truly inspirational!

Hearing all of your stories of achievement:  the highs, the lows and most of all the banter that goes with it. Tideswell Running Club was set up with one thing in mind and that was to bring like minded people together and now the club is starting to mature and expand, this ethos is now even more prevalent than ever.

So raise a glass to TRC, its members and the future! 

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