Chairmans Blog Spring 2015

Tideswell running club has been a very busy place to be over the last few months.

TRC Christmas Party 2014

We had the TRC Christmas party at The Anchor, Tideswell with fun galore. We had fantastic food laid on and everyone got into festive mood.

Julie Nuttall won the prize for charity shop chic, with her Stunning Dress which she managed to pick up for a song!



Andy Watkins First TRC Club Champion

During the Evening our Club Champion for 2014 was announced. Andrew Watkins taking the the very first title, with a See the Championship results 2014. 2015 looks set to be a very promising championship, with lots of runners keen to take Andy’s title and Andy keen to defend it.

Andy Watkins Club Champion 2014

The committee have been hard at it making the club even better to be a part of.  We have been stream-lining the everyday running of the club, revamping the website, planning new sessions training sessions to introduce over the year and much more.

Couch to 5K (C25K) success

2015 C25k – Final 5k at Congleton.

In January we had the start of the C25K 2015 group, I would like to thank all 26 participants and congratulate them on their journey.

This winter was a tough adversary and you all managed to overcome its icy grip and continue with the program. It was so good to see you complete the course with the final 5k at Congleton Parkrun on the 4th of April.

Lots of New Members

We have had new members galore join the club and seen existing members training for new challenges like half marathon, marathon and an ultra. With the club champs well under way, things are starting to hot up and I’m looking forward to seeing people challenge Andrew Watkins title over the year and seeing the club colours on show!

Look out for a few Race reports which are all in the pipeline. Remember if you are running for TRC and you compete in a race, we’d love to give you coverage and the respect you deserve. Send your photos in.

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