Club Championships


2017 League Table & Race Calendar

The championships consists of 1-2 races each month, in the Peak District and surrounding area.

Races for 2017

TRC Championship 2017

Which Races Count?

If you compete in any (one) half marathon, marathon or ultra marathon then your best time will also be counted.
*Members must run a minimum of 7 races in order to be eligible for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

If members run more than 7 races,  their best 7 results will be counted. For each race, members are scored on their time in comparison to the winners time of their respective age and gender categories.

*No runner will get less than 20pts if they enter a race.

Club Kit Must Be Worn To Score

In order for the member’s score to count, they must wear the Tideswell Running Club vest or t shirt during the event.

*Exceptions being marathons (if charity vests are worn) and ultra marathons (due to specific kit requirements).

Supporters Points

Points will be awarded for the named races, not for races in the “any” category.

Naturally, a TRC member must have entered the race for you to get TRC supporters points.

– 10pts –  Help, cheering, sweeper
*Updated 2016

Tideswell Running Club Champion

The Club Champion  will be the TRC member that receives the most points at the end of the club championship year from his/her 7 best scores. (Supporters column points counts as one race).

*Supporters points are only used in the event that the points earned for supporting happen to be more  than the points actually earned for running. One example of this is where a runner earned 20 points for competing, however, these points were replaced with the supported points to increase the points for that one race to 30.*

Most Improved Runner Cup

“To qualify for the most improved runner, you must have scored points (support or support & racing) on the club championship of 2016 and you must be a paid-up member of TRC”.

Supporters points do not count towards the most improved competition.

(You must compete in one race to count) the runner with the most improved score will be awarded the “TRC Most Improved Runner Cup”.  The scores from a maximum of the best seven races will count.

The championships will run from 1st January 2017.

Please note:

It is your responsibility to check with each race whether or not you are required to carry specific kit to be able to participate.

For fell races, the kit requirements are dependent on the grade of race and the final decision is at the discretion of the race organiser. Please see here for more information.