The Trophy

Tideswell’s Chris Jensen makes our splendid trophies each year.  Each one is individually glazed and marked. Each one is unique.

These Raku bowls are thrown, decorated and fired by Chris Jensen, who lives and works in the village.

Glazed using a range of coloured glazes they are then individually Raku fired and smoked to produce the variable richness of colours to be found in the surrounding landscape of the White and Dark Peaks. Each is about 18cm (7″) diameter.

Raku ware is associated with the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Raku means “enjoyment of leisure’. Apt trophys for the winners of the race!

Many thanks to Chris Jensen Ceramics for producing these much treasured prizes, helping to make Tideswell Fell Race a unique event.

Some more information about Chris (and a link to the annual Wardlow Mires Pottery and Food Festival) here.

If you would like to sponsor these prizes please get in contact.