Tideswell Running Club pride ourselves on being a friendly and welcoming club, who cater for all abilities and make sure that everyone gets the most from their experiences with us, as well as having a fun time! Below are a testimonials from people who have joined the club or have come along for a session/ social run.

As two novice runners, Richard and I were a little apprehensive of our first proper run with Tideswell Running Club. We had no need to be. We met Dan Allen, secretary of the club, as planned. He kindly picked us up and took us to Tideswell, where we were made to feel very welcome and involved with the running club. The runners were split into three groups so that no single runner would feel out of their depth.

Soon we were all ready to run and our group did a gentle 4 mile run at a pace we could maintain, along beautiful country lanes. The other two groups ran different routes/distances at different paces, but we all arrived back within minutes of each other.  All aspects of running were discussed including stretching techniques and nutrition.

It was very enjoyable to be able to join in and feel part of the group. We would recommend Tideswell Running Club to anyone who is interested in running, whether that is a top flight runner or those who are just starting out to get fitter. Thank you Tideswell for a great evening of running.

-Richard Brookes and Di Newton, Kendal

When Dan Allen first said to me, would I be interested in doing the C25k in January 2014? My reply was “we’ll see”, having not run more than 20 yards in one go since 2003 my thoughts were – “I can’t do that”, “People would laugh at me”, “I will be the slowest” – All the things people think, because deep down you don’t want to make a fool of yourself.

In the end I gave in and did it. And I’ve got to say, it was and still is the best decision I’ve made in years. Not only have I completed the C25k, I have continued with the running and I have taken up cycling. I try to do 2 runs and 2 bike rides a week. My health and fitness has improved, I have lost weight and on top of that I have made many new friends who were in the same boat as me.

I can still recall turning up outside The Star on a cold wet January evening, as I walked up to the small group of would be runners all in Hi Vis clothes, I thought “What have I let myself in for?” As it turns out we were all having the same thoughts.

We were given head lights and flashing reflective arm bands; we were now ready to do the first session. It was over in no time. We all said, after the session, “There is no way we will be able to run 5K in 12 weeks”…… How wrong we were!

After we had completed the C25k we went out for a curry night, which was an amazing evening. We all received medals and certificates too, my medal is proudly hanging in my house.

If you are thinking about running, “do it”, You will not regret it! The support from TRC is first class; I found the support from the group helped no end.

When TRC do the C25k, I highly recommend that you do it.

-Rodger Allen, Bradwell

If anyone had told me last December that in 2014 I would:

1. Take up any form of exercise whatsoever
2. Make a whole new set of friends
3. Lose weight and reach a level of fitness not seen since my teenage years…

not only would I have laughed, I would have told them that there was not a chance of any of the above happening.

So, for some mad reason at the beginning of January 2014, when I saw on Facebook that there was a C25K starting in the village, I found myself thinking ‘it’s now or never’, and signed up for the 12 week course.

The first meet on Monday 6th January was the start of a whole new me (corny, I know), and through the wind, rain, sleet and snow our little C25K group began to ‘run’.

Now, it’s July 2014 and I truly enjoy weekly 5k runs with a group of people who have not only gone through the whole experience alongside me, but have given me the encouragement and support to keep going when I have struggled to stay motivated.

Thanks too must go to Ben, Dan, Sue (and her whistle), Kathryn, Nigel and all the TRC members, who have got us all through the 12 weeks (they were always there on the runs with us), from our first run at Chesterfield back in April. A truly fabulous set of people who lead from the front and push from the back.

So, to anyone out there contemplating the next C25K course – JUST DO IT, you won’t regret it.

-Libs Slattery, Tideswell

I joined the Tideswell C25k group in January 2014. By the start of the summer, I was running local fell races and signed up to run the Great Yorkshire 10k in September.
The support, motivation and encouragement provided by both existing club members and fellow C25k-ers has been second to none. II have nothing but praise for this little club. Excuse the cliche, but you’ve changed my life!

-Colette Holden, Bradwell

Tideswell Running Club advertised a Jan C25K programme and embarking on that first January run was both the first toe back into the trainer of running, but also the step on a journey with a group of other people I now consider friends. This is something I hope to be part of for a long time.

TRC are a very unique group. It does not matter how fast, slow, big or small you are. It doesn’t matter whether you like wine, or like running hills, you are wrapped in the biggest, warmest welcome which inspires you to keep going.

The leaders go out of their way to include everyone and help with every moan, whinge and struggle you have. They also celebrate with you every achievement you get along the way! I was never someone to think I was particularly good at running but with my vest, hoodie, social media and party nights, I know I can achieve so much! Thanks guys x

-Elizabeth Hill, Tideswell

Tideswell Running Club is Brilliant. It has literally kept me running, made me enjoy running and given me the support network to improve. I started running in January 2014, doing a podcast C25k. I’d just turned 40 and thought that it was time to do something about the ‘ever expanding waistline’.

At first, I didn’t want to join a club, as I was feeling scared that I’d always be the slowest. After turning up and meeting everyone, they were all friendly and made me feel really welcome.

Just running with others of similar ability spurs you on, and the help and encouragement is there when you’re finding it hard going.

I can’t explain how proud I was to pull on my Tideswell RC vest, do my first run in club colours and make my contribution to the team. I’d recommend Tideswell RC to anyone who’s fancies running. Come and join us. It doesn’t matter whether you’re experienced or a beginner, you’ll be made welcome, you’ll surprise yourself and never look back.

-Phil Gregory, Darley Dale

TRC is an amazingly enthusiastic and friendly club. When I joined the C25K course on a dark, wet and windy night in January I met people of all ages, shapes and sizes who just wanted to give it a try. The run leaders were so supportive and encouraging, coaxing us all very gently to run and walk for increasing times over the next few weeks. Some were naturals and some of us weren’t! The one thing that bound us all together as a group was the genuine friendships that we all formed, willing each other to keep trying. I am so glad that I gave it a go!

-Sue Pitman, Litton Mill