Hathersage Fell Race Recce

After a night of Ark floating, Zeus raging storms, the weather could have gone either way for us. But the sheer optimism of TRC in shorts and tees brought out the sunshine in no time! We were ready for the Hathersage Fell Race Recce.

A little warm up before we started.

Even yours truly wore Kev’s baggy vest underneath the winter wear ‘just in case’. Needless to say it wasn’t long before we were squinting, sweating and smiling our way around the Hathersage Gala Fell Race course.

At the Start of the Race route - Hathersage School

Hathersage Gala Fell Race Route

The Hathersage Fell Race course is a stunning anti clockwise loop to the West of Hathersage, taking in both Owler and Higger Tor. Starting on the road near the school then climbing South out of the village, we picked up the track toward Scraper Low before heading right, past Whim Plantation, skirting Millstone Edge then up and over Owler Tor. Phew! Photo opportunities were taken advantage of…. and taken advantage of ……and taken advantage of again!

Coming up past the plantation

7 of us watched in awe as Sue and Lesley debated the course, discussing tree lines and contours like professionals, then agreeing with gusto.

From Owler Tor we contoured North past the sheep fold before the ascent up and over Higger Tor. Spectacular views were abound in every direction. From this birds eye view it was amazing to realise just how close our villages are to each other, encouraging wild imaginings of previously unthinkable routes being so…. achievable!

On Higger Tor

The descent back toward Hathersage took us over the road before heading South East down Callow Bank. After picking up The Dale Road for a short time we were back to the green stuff again on the track to Toothill Farm, where Ruth, our resident cow whisperer put her well honed skills into action, preventing yet another cow induced panic stricken fear frenzy. Thank you Ruth!


At Toothill Farm we were into the last kilometre of the 7.2km course, here we ascended East along the track past Moorseats Wood and up to Church Bank, before the hip jarring, bum wobbling, über steep descent down to the finish. After accosting an unassuming member of the public to assist with yet more photographs, we said our farewells to one another and left with a smile, maybe each one of us in turn, reflecting upon the gratitude we felt, living where we live and doing what we love.

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