Tideswell Fell Race is an annual race held during the village’s Wakes Week on a Friday at the end of June.  The race has become a firm favourite in the fell racing calendar and attracts a strong field every year. It attracts individual runners and club runners from local villages, Derbyshire and increasingly from many other areas of the country, meaning stiff competition. In spite of this it retains its charm and appeal to amateur runners and more determined serial fell race runners alike. While the race is relatively short (4.5 miles) is has some very steep ascents and descents, rising from a valley to a hilltop ridge and down again.

The 2020 race was cancelled due to Covid-19. We’re hoping better for 2021. It will be towards the end of June (Friday 25th). Tideswell Running Club is taking over management of the race as most of the current team have reasons to hang up their stop watches.  The fell race is also now on the TRC website – Check back here (or there) in a few months or watch the Facebook page. Same place, same time, and probably same weather (though uncharacteristically good weather in 2019 and 2018). As usual follow the Facebook page or Twitter to keep up with any news. See you there!

The runners set off on the 2018 race, led by Harry Holmes (No. 1). He went on to win the race. Photo by Bernard O’Sullivan.

In 2019 the race was on 28th June. The weather had suddenly got hotter after a spell of wet and coolish wether (the following day Saturday 29th June was a real scorcher) meaning some parts of the course were still muddy and slippy. 121 runners took part (a few short of the record breaking 129 of 2017). All but one finished the race. None of the course records were broken, but overall winner John Battrick (Keswick AC) came fairly close to 2007’s 25:40 with his 25:57 (Male 17-39).  Maybe next year the record will be smashed – something to try for! First female runner in was Jo Hickman-Dunne (no club – Female 17-39)) with 30:50, and as coming from a nearby village also taking the Local Winner prize. The winning Vets (40 – 49) were Phil Winskill (28:39 – also Keswick AC) and Samantha Willis (36:48 – Buxton AC). Super Vet (50+) winners were Mark Elwis (no club – 33:31) and Manda Twentyman (no club – 36:59).

In 2018 the race was on 29th June. It was a blistering hot day and this may have affected the turnout. There were also lots of local fell races that week. Only 80 entrants, which was a little disappointing after last year’s record breaker. All finished the race. The overall winner was Harry Holmes  (Pudsea and Bramley FC) in 26:02 (Male 17-39). Still short of the course record of 25:40 but getting ever closer. First woman back was Gemma Cox (no club, 34:30). Male and Female Vet (40 – 49) winners were Paul Sorrell (Ripley) in 28:31 and Julie Darisala (Penistone FRAC) in 37:10 respectively. Male and Female Super Vets (50+) were John Morgan (Dark Peak Fell Runners) in 32:02 and Sue Charter (Horsley Shuttlers) in 41:01. Local Winner: James Stubbs (Pennine Fell Runners) from Tideswell in 32:48.

In 2017 the race was on 23rd June. It was a dry evening though there had been showers earlier. It was windy and cooled down quite a lot over the evening. A couple of days earlier and it was a heatwave!

First home in the 2017 race. Photo by Daisy Rogers.

129 entered the race and all finished! This was a record for Tideswell Fell Race, previous maximum entrants had been 100 (2013 and 2011). Pleased to say the IT support kept up with the crowds. The race was won by Dan Howarth of Keswick AC (but from Fritchley, Derbyshire) in 26:05 (Male 17-39) – not a record but the fastest since 2008, and 25 seconds short of the course record (25:40). First woman back was Eleanor Lunt (Long Eaton RC) with 34:25(Female 17-39). Male and Female Veteran winners (40 – 49) were Stuart Bond (Dark Peak Fell Runners) and Caroline Lloyd (Porter Valley Plodders) at 26:15 and 38:09 respectively. Male and Female Super Vet (50+) winners came in at 31:48 (Ed Gamble, Cheshire Hill Racers) and 36:16 (Jo Bednall, Buxton). Local winner was Chris Jones from Tideswell at 28:15.

In 2016 the race was on Friday 24th June. A short time before the race there was torrential rain and heavy hail. There was also a power cut (think…data!). But then the sun came out and the runners assembled beneath a glorious rainbow. 85 entered. The race was won by Billy Cartwright (27:06) from Matlock AC (Male 17-39). First woman back was Caroline Brock (Steel City Striders) with a time of 34:56 (Female 17-39). Local Winner was Richard Hunt from Tideswell (also the local winner in 2015) at 34:08.

In 2015, although there was heavy rain a couple of hours before the start it was a pleasant evening for a run, but disappointing for those expecting the usual torrential downpours! Just over a week ago we had started to expect a sunny and hot run…now the rain has returned by the bucketful. What will we have on the 24th? Conditions may be interesting!

The 2015 race was won by Luke Beresford (Ripley RC) with a time of 27:25 (Male 17-39). First woman back was Olivia Walwyn (Macclesfield Harriers) at 29:31, position 7th overall (Female 17-39). Local Winner was Richard Hunt from Tideswell 31:01 (Male 50+) overall position 14th. See results page for more details.

There are some great photos of many of the races on the Tideswell Fell Race Facebook Page with photo albums for this and previous years. The page is public so you don’t have to be on Facebook to view it.

The race is organised by Tideswell Youth Club Committee and profits from the race go towards the rebuild project for a new community facility on the site of the former youth club building, sadly destroyed by fire two years ago.

Other stuff:

As mentioned above, there are photos from the races on the Tideswell Fell Race Facebook Page with photo albums for the various years. Please feel free to tag yourself and your friends. The page is public so you don’t have to be on Facebook to view it. If you have any photos of the race from any year please email them so we can add them to this site and the Facebook page, or post them yourself.  Get your friends to snap you on the route next year!

From 2013 there are some great photos of most of the entrants on the steep downhill towards the river, courtesy of Rich Gardiner, are here. There’s also some great photos by Gerard Rogers and Tony Hall here and a moment by moment stream of photos by Peak District Fell Races here.

Put the race in your calendar for next year (it is always a Friday near the end of June, timed to coincide with Tideswell’s famous well dressing week) and follow the Fell Race on Facebook and Twitter. You can also join the emailing list by contacting fellrace@tideswell.net. You can follow Tideswell Fell Race on Facebook here and also on Twitter here. Tideswell Fell Race Facebook messages are automatically posted on Twitter.

Other general information:

The race is run on the Friday of Tideswell’s famous Wakes Week.

Entry is £5 (please bring correct money, this entry fee will be charged regardless of errors in other publications). Standard race arrangements are:arrive for 7:15pm, start at 7:45pm.

Please email now to be kept up to date about the race and to join the emailing list. Better still, keep up to date about Tideswell Fell Race by following it on Facebook and Twitter.

A new category of award was introduced in 2011 in addition to the other prizes: for fastest runner from Tideswell or from local villages at the discretion of Tideswell Fell Race.

Please car share (or come by foot or on bike!) as car parking space is limited.