Inter Inns Run – 2014 Report & Results

TRC & Tidza Wakes

TRC and Tideswell Wakes organised a very successful Tideswell Inter Inns 5k race, with over 50 participants! The race set off from Just below the Market Square, above the star Inn. There was a good turnout of supporters at the start line, and the pace was quick from the start.

We were pleasantly surprised at how many people lined the village streets to cheer the runners as they got the race underway. Derbyshire’s road races are made special by the support that the crowd provides, helping to spur the runners on.

The weather was extremely hot, for an evening, with many runners reporting that they struggled on the outward leg of the route, as they were running into the sun.

Tideswell Running Club Well Represented

TRC showed up in force with 16 members taking part.

Tideswell Inter Tnns 5k Results – 2014

Inter Inns 2014 Results

1Dan HowarthKeswick AC26:05:00A
2Stuart BondDark Peak Fell Runners26:15:00C
3Billy CartwrightMatlock AC27:05:00A
4Andrew LamontN/A28:01:00C
5Chris JonesN/A28:15:00A
6Matthew NicholsN/A28:21:00A
7Jordan StreetN/A28:40:00A
8Nick BarrableTonbridge AC28:44:00C
9Joseph WadeN/A28:45:00A
10Mike BlairMatlock AC28:46:00A
11Jon PembertonDark Peak Fell Runners29:10:00A
12Austin FrostDark Peak Fell Runners29:23:00C
13Andrew SheldonMatlock AC29:30:00A
14Bradley StoneMatlock AC29:56:00C
15John JohnstonJohnston's30:09:00A
16Chris JacksonPennine30:16:00A
17Ian RidgewayN/A30:35:00A
18Gareth BriggsDark Peak Fell Runners30:37:00C
19Jo PurvisBuxton AC31:05:00A
20Carl WebsterMatlock AC31:39:00C
21Billy NaylorN/A31:44:00C
22Ed GambleCheshire Hill Racers31:48:00E
23Paul StuartSteel City Striders31:50:00E
24John ThorpeMatlock AC31:53:00A
25Daniel LathamBuxton AC31:53:00A
26Nick JohnsonN/A32:29:00A
27Craig AllenMatlock AC32:38:00C
28Aaron WorwoodN/A32:43:00A
29Nigel JeffBuxton AC32:52:00E
30Mark LayLong Eaton Running Club33:01:00C
31Andrew FryHash House Harriers33:08:00A
32Nick BiggsVegan Runners33:24:00C
33Rich WilkinsonLong Eaton Running Club33:31:00E
34Richard BouglasBuxton33:38:00A
35David SafranauskasCheshire Hill Racers33:44:00E
36Simon ReedDark Peak Fell Runners34:03:00E
37Eleanor LuntLong Eaton Running Club34:25:00B
38Ben ClitheroSteel City Striders34:31:00A
39Hannah MoultonN/A34:50:00B
40Phil ApplegateN/A34:59:00A
41Steve MillerN/A35:03:00A
42John HamptonPegtown Plodders35:06:00C
43Bob FokemanMatlock AC35:10:00E
44William MatherGlossop Dale Harriers35:12:00A
45Andrew ShielPenistone Footpath Runners35:18:00C
46Johnathan HallN/A35:23:00A
47John RawlinsonSteel City Striders35:26:00E
48Neal PatesSteel City Striders35:39:00E
49Rob MooreDark Peak Fell Runners35:56:00E
50Peter WallaceN/A36:11:00E
51John BrennanMatlock AC36:14:00A
52Joanna ShimwellN/A36:14:00B
53Jo BednallBuxton36:17:00F
54Nigel HorneyKeswick AC36:21:00E
55Stewart KempDark Peak Fell Runners36:23:00E
56Mike JosephTideswell Running Club36:44:00E
57Mark ChimleyMatlock AC36:52:00C
58Johnathan WalkingshawKeswick AC37:13:00C
59Pat GoodallTotley AC37:25:00F
60Sarah-Jane BarrableSandhurst37:39:00B
61Steve BrandrethPorter Valley Plodders37:41:00C
62Alex CairnsN/A37:45:00A
63Dean MclaughlinNorth Derbyshire RC37:57:00A
64Caroline LloydPorter Valley Plodders38:09:00D
65Peter GroverN/A38:14:00E
66Bryn OwensN/A38:19:00E
67Richard DixsonPennine FR38:20:00C
68Tania WilsonBuxton AC38:22:00F
69Julian BrealeyErewash Valley RC38:27:00C
70Lizzie RawsonFatboys RC38:28:00B
71Sarah RidgewayThe Worx38:29:00B
72Sarah CairnsN/A38:37:00D
73James EllwoodPorter Valley Plodders38:39:00C
74Andrew WatkinsTideswell Running Club38:45:00E
75Dave WatsonNorth Derbyshire RC38:54:00E
76Fiona NewmanN/A39:15:00D
77Joel RowlandsHash House Harriers39:19:00A
78Tom BriggsN/A39:22:00C
79Anthony HorsfallHandsworth39:25:00E
80Mark WhelanGoyt Valley Striders39:32:00E
81Pete TankerN/A40:20:00E
82Fliss MilnerDark Peak Fell Runners40:27:00F
83Mick FowlerN/A40:34:00E
84Michael StubbsN/A40:35:00C
85Ryan JohnstonJohnston's40:35:00A
86Chris FoxN/A41:11:00C
87Paulk StevensonLong Eaton Running Club41:21:00E
88David ArundaleDark Peak Fell Runners41:22:00E
89Gillian WhiteN/A41:24:00F
90Bob GrowtSteel City Striders41:36:00E
91Tim NixonDark Peak Fell Runners41:38:00E
92John HeathfieldDark Peak Fell Runners41:52:00E
93Simon WardTideswell Running Club41:54:00E
94Colin BostockLong Eaton Running Club42:03:00E
95Ruth GowersBuxton AC42:07:00D
96John OleshkoLong Eaton Running Club42:38:00E
97Les ThurstonMatlock AC42:41:00E
98Andrew GoodallN/A42:45:00C
99Naomi CoverleyTideswell42:49:00F
100Lucinda StoneCongleton Harriers43:01:00D
101Kerrie WestN/A43:17:00B
102David HavothN/A43:22:00E
103Roseanna CroftMatlock AC43:31:00B
104Paul GrayDark Peak Fell Runners43:58:00E
105David WrightHayle Runners44:06:00E
106Elizabeth LakinLong Eaton Running Club44:10:00B
107Vickey WooleyN/A44:12:00B
108Helen SmithShelton Striders44:15:00B
109Barry ClarkeN/A44:38:00E
110Dan BakerN/A45:03:00C
111Clare EardleyWirksworth RC45:06:00D
112Leon ZablockiTideswell Running Club45:10:00E
113Emma FoxN/A45:25:00D
114Alex SaddingtonN/A45:29:00A
115Johnathan FletcherN/A45:41:00C
116Robert BryanN/A45:52:00E
117Karen RhodesN/A46:08:00D
118Thelma PickardN/A46:32:00F
119William BrindleyTideswell Running Club46:59:00A
120Naomi RabinSteel City Striders47:38:00B
121Phil GregoryTideswell47:43:00C
122Kirsty FisherN/A48:05:00B
123Paul BratbyRipley RC48:30:00E
124Helen EllerkerN/A49:41:00F
125Richard GartonSteel City Striders50:25:00E
127Helen RickardsN/A53:38:00B
128Linda RossMaltby53:38:00D
129Collette HoldenTideswell Running Club53:58:00D

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