Committee Minutes

Meetings of the TRC committee meeting 9th March 2016


Ben Brindley, Kathryn Brindley, Phil Gregory, Andy Watkins,

Tony Dent – reporting

1. Litton Christmas Cracker 2015.

Last profit before trophy engraving cost was £743.62. The committee agreed that after payment of the engraving costs, £250.00 to be put aside versus the costs of any future LCC with the remaining profits to be split three ways between TRC, Buxton Mountain Rescue and friends of Litton. Need to confirm bank details of Friends of Litton and Buxton Mountain Rescue to enable fund transfers. Action 1. – Confirm bank details with Friends of Litton – AW Action 2. – Confirm bank details of Buxton Mountain Rescue – BB

2. Hosting of future fell races.

Following the departure of the LCC race organiser, the club had originally agreed not to host again. Feeling that the race organiser should be a club member… But the success of the race in its first two years prompted further reflection by the committee and that we should reconsider hosting a fell race, LCC or other! The main challenge in organising the race is seen as gaining enough active support by TRC members to help organise the event and in particular finding a race organiser. That role being the critical one with the individual ensuring the safe conduct of the race in accordance with RFA guidelines.

The action agreed was for the committee to issue a memo asking club members to indicate if they would be prepared to volunteer to assist in organising a future fell race and if anyone was to prepared to step up to the role of race organiser. Our next actions to depend on the response from the membership. If positive, we would set up an “organising committee”, to decide what we should do and how we should do it.

Action3. Send out a memo to all TRC members to check if a race organiser can be found and the level of active support. – TD

3. Monday interval training. Ben is almost always leading these sessions and we need to find a way to develop alternative leaders. It was agreed by the committee that we would initiate a more standard process of training based on a monthly cycle. Every 4 weeks cycling through
  • 3a. A sprint session
  • 3b. A hill session
  • 3c. A pyramid Session
  • 3d. The Tideswell hill circuit the intention is that after a couple of monthly cycles, familiarity will allow any member to potentially lead.
  • Action 4. Set the program documents – PG
  • Action 5. Build the programs – BB

4. Membership fees

Not all members have paid this year’s membership fees. Agreed that we would send out a reminder to those outstanding members. Action 6– Send out membership payment reminder email – KB

5. Chips and Sandwich night Change of ownership at the Star has resulted in an increase from £1.0 to £4.0 in the price. A large increase in price, but with improved quality. The committee proposed that members still meet at the Star after the run on the last Wednesday of the month. Indicating that chips and sandwiches are avail is if required, but the main purpose is a social get together. Action 7. Remind membership of the social event in the appropriate newsletter – TD

6. Social Runs Noted that these have dropped off since Christmas. despite their previous popularity. Thought to be mainly due to seasonality. Social runs to be promoted more as the weather improves.

7. Lake district Camping It was agreed that we would not support this initiative as a club event and would inform the camp site owners to cancel the club booking. We would update members of this decision. Of course, if they want to enter the race or just enjoy the other events, they can still make their own arrangements.