Running Routes

For a map and description of our running routes, click on the links below.

Road Routes

Route 1 (Bushy Heath Farm and Little Hucklow)
Route 2 (Litton and Cressbrook)
Route 3 (Peak Dairy, The Lodge, Litton Cemetery, Church Lane)
Route 4 (Wheston, Hargate Hall, Summer Cross)
Route 5 (Summer Cross, Wheston Bank, Meadow Lane)
Route 6 (5 mile run looping round Litton, with hills)
Route 9 (Wheston, Summer Cross, Meadow Lane)
Route 10 (Tracks and lanes around Wheston)

Short Route 1 (Litton loop)
Short Route 2 (Sherwood Road, Meadow Lane, Alma Road)
Short Route 3 (Manchester Road, The Lodge, Sherwood Road)
Short Route 4 (The Lodge, Litton, Conjoint Lane)
Short Route 5 (Wheston, Summer Cross, Sherwood Road)
Short Route 6 (Wheston Bank, Weston and Summer Cross)

Intermediate Route 1 (Tideswell Dale and Litton)
Intermediate Route 2 (The Lodge, Litton, Conjoint Lane, Alma Road)
Intermediate Route 3 (Tideswell Dale, Litton Mill, Litton)
Intermediate Route 4 (Water Lane, Wheston, Sherwood Road)
Intermediate Route 5 (Manchester Road, Shirts Farm, Meadow Lane, Sherwood Road)

Multi-Terrain Routes

Route 7 (Millers Dale and Tideswell Dale)
Route 8 (Water Lane, Wheston, Summer Cross)
Route 11 (Wheston Bank, Monksdale Lane, Litton)
Route 12 (Litton, Cressbrook Mill, Monsal Trail, Tideswell Dale)