2014 Litton Christmas Cracker Goes Off With A Bang

2014 Litton Christmas Cracker Goes Off With A Bang

Litton Christmas Cracker goes off with a Bang

The first annual Litton Christmas Cracker Fell Race got off with a bang this sunday. 165 runners registered for the race and expectations were high.

The Litton Christmas Cracker Fell Race 2014
The 2014 Christmas Cracker Fell Race gets underway

Nigel & Sue Jeff of Tideswell Running were the course masterminds, planning the clubs first official Fell race over the last year. The rest of Tideswell Running club have all played their part in helping to make sure the Fell race got off to a flying start.

Litton Christmas Cracker Fell Race 2014
Simon Bailey leads as he heads up towards the Trig Point

The course was a challenging 12 kilometers over mixed terrain. The overall winner was Simon Bailey of Mercia Fell Runners. Runners from Matlock AC, Dark Peak & Staffs Moorlands all performed well.

Fell Race Photos

For more photos  please see Tideswell Running Club Facebook Page

Prize Giving & Raffle

After The race most runners returned to Litton Club for the Prize giving and Raffle where there were many prizes consisting of yummy cakes and Secret santa surprises to be won.

LCC Trophies and Prizes
Litton Christmas Cracker Prizes & Trophies

All entrants competed the course, and the feedback received was positive.

See the Christmas Cracker Full Results here

Comments from runners

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed taking part in the first running of your “Litton Christmas Cracker”.

The course was a worthy challenge, especially the underwater section by the river ! Well marshaled and flagged and excellently organised by an obviously enthusiastic and friendly running club. Everyone seemed to enjoy the post race crack and even a barbecue in December!
The whole event made my journey from Norfolk worthwhile.
Well done to all concerned at Tideswell RC and thanks again.”

Nigel Horney (race no 25)
Keswick AC

“Just quick e- mail to say I enjoyed the Christmas cracker fell race, big thank you to all at the for organising the event , and hope you raised enough money for local school and your club,  the family atmosphere of your club showed on Sunday , ( if I lived near would join your club ) keep up the good work of friendly club.
Many thanks ”
David Jolley.
Killamarsh Kestrels

Tideswell RC would like to thank

  • Ashford Lane Garage – Main Sponsor
  • The Red Lion Pub – Litton
  • Friends of Litton
  • Local land owners who allowed access
  • Litton Parish Council
  • All who ran
  • All who marshalled or helped us prepare in anyway.

A Massive THANK YOU !!

2014 Litton Christmas Cracker Fell Race – Results

2014 Litton Christmas Cracker Fell Race – Results

The Results of the Litton Christmas Cracker Fell Race 2014 are as follows.

Download the  LCC 2014 RESULTS PDF

(Sponsored by Ashford Lane Garage Tideswell)
RESULTS SHEET - 166 Runners Started - 166 Runners Finished (checking details on one runner so only 165).
197Simon BaileyMercia Fell RunnersMS49:49Winner & male course record1
2118Ian PhillipsMatlock ACMS52:232nd Man2
3107Christopher LeighPennine Fell RunnersMV4053:563rd Man & Team Shield1
4104Matt ChapmanSouth LondonMS54:123
564Gareth BriggsStaffs MoorlandsMV4054:161st MV402
6131John MorganDark Peak FRMV4054:413
76Shane OhlyHelm HillMS54:544
846Nicholas BarberPennine Fell RunnersMS55:07Team Sheild5
989Stephen PykeDark Peak FRMV4055:254
10137Chris PerryMS56:256
1158Malcolm FowlerCheshire Hill RacersMV5057:041st MV501
1254Will GriffithsPennine Fell RunnersMS57:09Team Sheild7
13115Noel CurtisPennine Fell RunnersMV4057:35Team Sheild5
1499Luke BeresfordRipley RCMS57:418
1547Tom BushAltrinchamMS58:169
1686Daniel ShawHolmfirth HarriersMS58:2210
1788Tom WildMacclesfield HarriersMS58:3011
18102Neil WalkerAltrinchamMS58:4212
1910John BrannockPorter Vale PloddersMS59:0313
2022Edward JamesBelperMS59:1914
2152Olivia WalwynMacclesfield HarriersFS59:311st Lady - female course record1
2212Bryan LomasCongleton HarriersMV4059:346
2341Max WainwrightStaffs MoorlandsMS59:4615
2481Jamie LawlerMS59:5516
25120Austin FrostDark Peak FRMV4060:077
26141Mathew HuxfordMS60:1317
27144Richard CollisRacing TNTMS60:2018
2873Richard NashHatton DartsMV4060:288
2983Mathew JonesRipley RCMV4060:369
30109Darren HawkinsMV4060:5810
3155Samuel WilliamsHolme PierrepointMS61:2119
3294Judith JepsonDark Peak FRLV4062:322nd Lady1
3376Chris ChambersEastleigh RCMV4062:3911
3487Ian SutcliffeStadium RunnersMV4062:3912
35140Bryan McKennaBuxton ACMS62:5520
362Ben BrindleyTideswell Running ClubMS63:31Local1st Local Man & 1st TRC Vest Home21
37150Liam AshtonTideswell Running ClubMS63:46Local22
3857Mick ArcherDark Peak FRMV5064:172
3936Kevin CharlestonPorter Vale PloddersMS64:5923
40117Mark QuinceBuxton ACMV4065:14Local13
4113Dan AllenTideswell Running ClubMS65:1524
4233Dave AllenDark Peak FRMV5065:153
43151Alan RenfreeMV5065:274
44134Phil ApplegateMS65:2725
45133Paul FirthMS65:5926
4625Nigel HorneyKeswick ACMV5066:325
4743Keith HolmesDark Peak FRMV6066:361st MV601
4896Sam BellamyPorter Valley MV4066:4014
4993Robin MiltonPennine Fell RunnersMS67:4127
50147Richard BouglasBuxton ACMS67:5828
517Jim JonesHelsbyMV4068:0515
5259Andrew WilliamsAshbourneMV4068:1518
53132Nicola ParkinDark Peak FRLV4068:213rd Lady2
54114Joanne MosleyFS68:272
5539Dean MorrisHandsworth Road HogsMV4068:4517
56125Simon BoltonCheshire MV5069:126
5761Gabriel HutchingsAshbourneMV5069:137
58127Stewart KempDark Peak FRMV6069:182
5948Jacqui HawkinsWirksworthFS69:243
6045Luke AppleyardWharfedaleMS69:3929
6111Paul MellorHatton DartsMV4070:1018
62158Matt HerrickBelperMS70:1530
6344Christine HowardMatlock ACLV4070:191st LV403
6429Paul Vincent StuartSteel CityMV4070:2319
65154Mark CrawshawWirksworthMV4070:4620
6656Joseph Allan WallMV5070:518
6719Andrew GriggDerby TriMV5070:569
6821David Thornsby-SmithAshbourneMV4071:2221
69136Joal SiddaleNorth DerbyshireMS71:3131
7034John MooneyMacclesfield HarriersMV5071:3210
711Andrew WatkinsTideswell Running ClubMV5071:3711
72106Becki ChapmanSouth LondonFS71:514
73142Peter BaileyBuxton ACMV4071:5622
7440Alison WainwrightStaffs MoorlandsLV4072:024
75103Peter StanleyPenistoneMV5072:0312
76116Reg CooperMV5072:0513
77161Jane CrowsonDark Peak FRLV5072:221
7874Ingrid StormChorlton RunnersFS72:305
7968Kenny TurnerDark Peak FRMV5072:5714
80108Jane MellorPennine Fell RunnersLV4073:045
81145Ben SimnettMS73:1732
8223David BatemanWotton Road RunnersMV4073:2123
838Fred HeathNuneaton HarriersMV5073:3415
8482Trevor StevensMV5073:3516
8580James DewisNuneaton HarriersMV4073:3524
86128Stuart RookTideswell Running ClubMV4073:4225
8727Nick HamGlossopdale HarriersMV5074:0117
88156Simon BristerMatlock ACMV6074:243
89143Abigail HathwaySmiley PacesFS74:576
9053Emma GerardPennine Fell RunnersFS75:037
914John GuestTrenthamMV5075:0318
92153Neal VanstoneFat BoysMV4075:1026
9315Christopher FletcherHatton DartsMV5075:1319
9420Kevin RowlesKillamarsh KestrelsMV5075:2020
9514Tony PressHatton DartsMV6075:25The Roy Monk Golden Years Cup4
9637Jeff TaylorHandsworth Road HogsMV5075:2821
9767Caroline J BurrelFRALV4075:286
9830Tim ShilesTotley ACMV4075:4027
99152Andy PritchardMV4075:4128
100139Frank GoldenBuxton ACMV4075:4329
10170Nicky DickMatlock ACLV5075:592
102157Ruth KeeleyBelperFS76:018
10379Caroline ScottSinfinLV4076:037
10495Ross MurdockChorlton RunnersMS76:1333
105155Philippa RoseLV4076:208
10666Alastair WardMS76:3534
10798Melanie SeymourTideswell Running ClubLV4076:399
108166Paul BurchellLong EatonMV5077:3522
1095Gayle GambieLong EatonFS77:379
11042Eleanor WainwrightStaffs MoorlandsFS77:4610
1119Howard BaxterMV5077:5223
11263Trevor MilnerDark Peak FRMV5078:1424
11385Elizabeth BridgenErewash ValleyLV4078:1610
114110Richard GrayTotley ACMV6078:425
11549Bodil Yucki AudshoenFS78:5311
11617Jonathan GregsonHatton DartsMS79:1035
117160Tim NixonDark Peak FRMV5079:2025
118159Andy StubbsMS79:3236
119112Pete HawkinsTideswell Running ClubMV5079:5226
12062Joanne HatchettStaffs MoorlandsLV4079:5211
12177Trevor MurgatroydCVFRMV5080:3027
12224Bill SheppardLong EatonMV5080:3428
12360Dave PatrickAshbourneMV4080:3830
124105Marek FuksMS81:2337
12538John RichardsonHandsworth Road HogsMV4082:1531
126135Andy LeesNorth DerbyshireMV4082:3632
12775Francis WooffChorlton RunnersMV5082:4329
12826Jeremy WindsorMV4083:0633
129146Sheila BradleyBuxton ACLV5083:133
130165David JolleyKillamarsh KestrelsMV5083:5830
13169Morgane ArtachoLong EatonFS83:5412
13250Anna PaxtonFS84:2213
13328Helen BruntBuxton ACFS84:2214
13471Julie BuxtonMatlock ACLV4084:2912
135130Claire SmartTideswell Running ClubFS84:3515
13631Clive CatlinMV6085:076
13732Jamie WallerClowneMS85:2138
138124Sarah CrosslandSmiley PacesFS85:2416
139119Les ThurstonBishops StaffordMV6086:037
14078Katie GreavesChorlton RunnersFS86:2017
141122Ruth JacobiSmiley PacesLV4086:3113
14291David ArundaleDark Peak FRMV6086:478
143126Rachel SteenTotley ACFS86:5118
14435Claire DutsonPorter Valley FS87:2019
14572Brian BarnesChorlton RunnersMV5087:4931
14618Jon HeathfieldDark Peak FRMV5087:4932
14784Katie BangertFS88:0620
148138richard GoffBuxton ACMS88:2539
14916Louise HandleyTideswell Running ClubLV4088:26Local1st Local Lady14
15090Cressida PearceTotley ACLV5090:264
151113Philippa WardaleFS90:5321
15265Simon WardMV5091:2333
15392Mike ArundaleDark Peak FRMV6091:399
154101Ian Warton-WoodsRipley RCMS93:3640
155162Kirsty-Jane BirchFS94:3522
156163Sarah BrightonStaffs MoorlandsLV4094:3515
157121Leon ZablockiTideswell Running ClubMV4095:17Local34
158123Rachel SouthworthHinckleyLV4095:2316
159111Dorothy GrayTotley ACLV6095:231st LV601
16051Roger TophamMV5096:0334
161164Thelma AchardNPCLV5098:095
162148Hanna SahotaLS99:2023
163100Victoria FellTideswell Running ClubFS102:14Local24
1643Fiona NewmanTideswell Running ClubFS102:36Local25
165129Colette HoldenTideswell Running ClubLV40102:5317