My Mablethorpe Marathon Mission

My Mablethorpe Marathon Mission

Last year after receiving an email that I didn’t get a ballot place at the 2015 Berlin marathon I decided to book a place at the Mablethorpe Marathon in October, it was low key, flat and very good pb potential.

Fast forward to June 2015 and I’d had an up and down season so far two top 5 ultra positions and a disaster at Milton Keynes Marathon. We were going to be moving house in a few weeks and the birth of our first child was getting close, so running was put on the back burner for a while. I just ran for fun and didn’t follow a training plan.

Moving House & Becoming a Dad

The move went well and 5 weeks later our son, Austin was born on the 4th of August, life was great but also very tiring and a couple of weeks passed and I had to decide, do I run Mablethorpe or just call it a lost cause and cancel my entry?

In my usual bull headed style, I decided I’d give it a go and try to complete it with only 5 weeks training, followed by a 2 week taper, risky but possible. Here’s how it went.

Starting the Long Runs

My first hurdle was could I still do a long run, I decided to try to run to Peak Forest and then lead the TRC social run over to Mam Torr and back followed by running home. 20 miles in total, I was very tired but I did it and that was the start of the journey to Mablethorpe.

The next three weeks I ran just over 30 miles a week, I had a really bad long run where I ran 16 miles before meeting up with the TRC social run, and we ran The Barrel Fell Race route. (The last 3 miles were tough, very tough!).

The fourth week I ran 42 miles and cycled over 20 miles, including getting up at 4:15 for a long run. The fifth week was to be my longest, all slow miles. A 22 mile early morning run, with the Stanage Struggle Fell Race being my last run of the week, making a grand total of 63 miles and a lot of fatigue.

The Taper

So the taper began with reduced miles, a trip to Berlin and aiming to be fresh for the race and ready to give it my best shot. I hoped to complete it in a time that I felt was reasonable.

We arrived the day before, just for a wander round the seaside with Austin. It was a sunny but cool weekend. The area was flatter than I had imagined and I was relaxed. On Sunday we arrived at the venue to find a well organised, local race and I was starting to feel nervous.

Working Within Your Limits Pay off

Soon it was ready for the off, and I felt great, I got into my stride and ran from miles 2-20 with Jinx (Jim). There was a lot of banter as he was telling me about his prep for the Marathon des Sables.
As I got to 20 miles my hip started to niggle, so I had two options, push on and hope f or the best, or take some walk breaks and finish well. I took the sensible option for a change, and I was right… still managing to finish in 3:21:01, a new pb by 3 mins 13 seconds (huge surprise).
So, what did I take from this? You can always find time, if you want something bad enough, being relaxed on race day is huge benefit and you really need more than 5 weeks of training before you taper for a marathon.

Mablethorpe Marathon

Chairmans Blog Spring 2015

Chairmans Blog Spring 2015

Tideswell running club has been a very busy place to be over the last few months.

TRC Christmas Party 2014

We had the TRC Christmas party at The Anchor, Tideswell with fun galore. We had fantastic food laid on and everyone got into festive mood.

Julie Nuttall won the prize for charity shop chic, with her Stunning Dress which she managed to pick up for a song!



Andy Watkins First TRC Club Champion

During the Evening our Club Champion for 2014 was announced. Andrew Watkins taking the the very first title, with a See the Championship results 2014. 2015 looks set to be a very promising championship, with lots of runners keen to take Andy’s title and Andy keen to defend it.

Andy Watkins Club Champion 2014

The committee have been hard at it making the club even better to be a part of.  We have been stream-lining the everyday running of the club, revamping the website, planning new sessions training sessions to introduce over the year and much more.

Couch to 5K (C25K) success

2015 C25k – Final 5k at Congleton.

In January we had the start of the C25K 2015 group, I would like to thank all 26 participants and congratulate them on their journey.

This winter was a tough adversary and you all managed to overcome its icy grip and continue with the program. It was so good to see you complete the course with the final 5k at Congleton Parkrun on the 4th of April.

Lots of New Members

We have had new members galore join the club and seen existing members training for new challenges like half marathon, marathon and an ultra. With the club champs well under way, things are starting to hot up and I’m looking forward to seeing people challenge Andrew Watkins title over the year and seeing the club colours on show!

Look out for a few Race reports which are all in the pipeline. Remember if you are running for TRC and you compete in a race, we’d love to give you coverage and the respect you deserve. Send your photos in.

TRC Chairmans Report – May 2014

Over the last few months it has been a very busy time at TRC with lots going on. We have had the amazingly successful C25K with the finale at “No Walk In The Park”, in Chesterfield. Club members have been taking part in various races ranging from Chatsworth 3k to Brighton Marathon and beyond!

We have also gained many new members and that is what this Chairmans Report is about. With the influx of new members there has been an increased air of camaraderie and inclusion which for me has been truly inspirational!

Hearing all of your stories of achievement:  the highs, the lows and most of all the banter that goes with it. Tideswell Running Club was set up with one thing in mind and that was to bring like minded people together and now the club is starting to mature and expand, this ethos is now even more prevalent than ever.

So raise a glass to TRC, its members and the future! 

TRC Chairmans Report – February 2014

Over the last couple of months it has been a really busy time but it has also been so much fun at Tideswell RC. 

We’ve had to cancel a run due to extreme winds, some of the club members have been out and about racing (including the ever secretive Pete Hawkins) and the C25k group have been going from strength to strength.  We have even witnessed the coining of a new term, “The Plumtree Hover”.  

Overall, we have been very lucky with the winter weather but I think that everybody will agree with me in saying that we can’t wait for the daylight and warmth of spring! 

If anybody is available to join us on Saturday 5th April it would be great to support the C25k runners in Chesterfield for  “No Walk in the Park 5k”, by running with the group and acting as a pacer or support or even being on the course shouting “COME ON TIDESWELL”!!!

TRC Chairmans Report – December 2013 – Christmas Special

Merry Christmas Everyone!

At this time of year I look around at what good I see in the world; this year it’s the kindness and support that others give without wanting anything in return. A true example of this was when Mel came to the Christmas meet up at The Ladybower Inn after her recent knee operation. There were so many kind words of support and offers of help, it reinforced the reason why I joined TRC. It’s not the racing or being the fastest, it’s the comradeship, working as a team and support which make being part of this club so special. Get well soon Mel and a Merry Christmas to everyone and have an amazing 2014!


TRC Chairmans Report – November 2013

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my first Chairman’s Report. This month has been a very busy time for the club and its members. On the 27th of November we had the AGM; a new club committee has been elected with myself as Chairman, Dan Allen as Club Secretary, Kathryn Brindley as Treasurer, Andrew Watkins as Route Secretary and myself and Kathryn Brindley as joint Kit Secretaries.

I was very humbled to be the recipient of the Star Cup this year – many thanks for all your kind words and support. During the AGM we also discussed the new Couch to 5k group which will be starting in January, and other possibilities for the year ahead.
With the new committee and the rest of the club members, I am looking forward to a bright future for Tideswell Running Club.